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There was a blowjob video that was top commented or top a Favorited at one point. it had some ugly dude with a wart on his dick (yup that's his only identifiable feature) and a girl who seemed forced or inclined to give him a the video she says something like "Are you ok with this?" and he says "Yeah why wouldn't i be?" and she says "Are you ok with THIS?" or something like turned out the dude had a YouTube channel where he described their relationship or whatever....i didn't really see the video. just heard that he did. that being said she seemed really inexperienced at giving blowjobs and it made the vid that much hotter. anyone have a link to the vid?

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He was great at first and then recently he got into cock worship and he enjoys it a bit too much.In the morning he wants a blowjob , in the afternoon, on the road and before bed. Seriously its about 5-6 hours a day and if i stop or say no he doesnt force me, he just tells me if i love him illl do it and this shows him i love him.

Ok... so recently I came across this incredibly hot girl giving a blowjob in a video. As I continued to watch, she actually turned out to be trans and the strange thing is - it made me harder. I tried to look away, but I deep down I didn't want to. I identify as straight, but I've done nothing but watch trans porn since I jacked off to this video.

And now... I confess that I have been fantasising about submitting to a trans girl, (even a group of trans girls) and letting them use me however they want. I really want to be used and even fucked, deep throated, almost forced to do anything for them. Even writing this is making me hard. It feels almost like a primal urge. I want them, I want their bodies, their boobs and their cock, their cum and their ass... Great, I've turned myself on

She's not even as attractive as my wife but she's far more innocent and such a goody twoshoes that it makes me want to see her fucked like a slut even more. I imagine her getting taken advantage of when she'd be on a date. The guy using her niceness against her to convince her to give him a blowjob for taking her out and then forcing his cock into her throat.

I am so annoyed at the moment. I see myself as a slut, I love being a 3 hole whore, I love being just used for the sexual pleasure of men. I feel the most happy when i get cocks shoved inside of me and when they spurt in or all over me. I love seeing myself drenched in cum. Giving Blowjobs, handjobs, and being fucked in all holes by multiple men in a row or at the same time is just a glorious and absolutely lifting feeling for me. I love to be treated just like a sextoy, if a total stranger would come up to me to just grope me on the streets i would just start to melt because i'm so turned on by that. I don't want to be equal to a man, I don't want to be on the same level. I want to be on my knees i want to lower myself because that's what gives me a happiness that's just amazing and i can't get any other way. I love that i have a man who controls me completely. That i gave up my job to work as a whore was the best decision i was ever forced to make. And now comes the part that makes me so annoyed. All this fucking Feminist Cunts out there who tell me i am oppressed. Fuck jes i am oppressed, i need to be because i cant be happy any other way. I hate that i have a university degree because it was totally useless ever doing that, if only i would have found my way earlier I could have made so much more of this wasted time. But according to them im not allowed to feel this way. I need to be a Strong woman, fuck you cunt I am a strong woman i can take the fucking load of 40 Men in a fucking dirty back alley any time and ill be happier doing so than you ever will know it's even possible. I don't need to fucking prove myself to you "sister" all i need to prove is that my clients who pay for my holes are fucking happy with my service and that my Owner is proud of me. That's all that fucking counts for me....because I chose that it is that way. So fucking shut up. If I want to be just a living breathing Sextoy for everything with a cock....I fucking will be and it's my kind of fucking feminism. Why dont you try it maybe then you would be happy instead of constantly angry and would leave other people alone.


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