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Medical English Clear Simple A Practice-Based...

Students require the following e-textbook, which can be purchased directly from the link at:

Medical English Clear Simple A Practice-Based...

mSMART was designed for physicians external to Mayo. The guidelines were written specifically to be clear, simple and easy to use. In fact, Rafael Fonseca, M.D., Mayo Clinic Cancer Center interim director, hematologist and multiple myeloma specialist, has called the advent of mSMART a staple of Mayo Clinic's engagement with those who treat multiple myeloma and a reference in the myeloma community.

MS. RENO: I think that's absolutely what I'm talking aboutwhen I'm talking about making government simpler so that everybodycan understand it, and we as lawyers write what we do in clear,simple terms. Winston Churchill called it, "use small, old words." 041b061a72


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