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Pirates of the Caribbean in Marathi: How to Watch Online with HD Player

the first pirates of the caribbean movie was the best of the bunch. the storyline was original, the chemistry was great, and johnny depp was perfect as capt. jack sparrow. unfortunately, though, the movie was a disappointment at the box office.

HD Online Player (marathi movie Pirates of the Caribbe)


the second pirates of the caribbean movie was considerably better than the first. depp was still the lead, but the plot and the characters improved drastically. it wasnt perfect, but it was a great step in the right direction.

the third and final pirates of the caribbean movie was the worst of the bunch. the plot and characters were completely ridiculous. jack sparrow was a terrible captain jack sparrow. the script was horrible. the only redeeming feature was depp, who had been underutilized in the first two movies. depp did a good job, but the movie was horrible.

hollywood has not had a pirate movie make that much money since the initial release of the pirates of the caribbeanfilm in 2003. in fact, it was the highest grossing film of the year and is the third highest grossing film of all time. it was also the highest grossing film of the disney franchise. the making of pirates of the caribbean 4 was the first time disney actually tried to make a direct sequel to a film. the fourth film was a great success making almost a billion dollars at the box office.

pirates of the caribbean: on stranger tides was released in 2011. this movie was actually made before the fourth movie and set between the fourth and fifth movies. the film was a critical and commercial failure. it did not make any money at the box office and was actually the worst grossing disney film of the year. the franchise has been on a decline ever since.


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