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Squadra 49 [1080p] (2004) !FULL!

Thankfully, this 1080p/AVC MPEG-4 upgrade is noticeably superior. Gone is the pixelation, and the intrusive edge enhancement. Shadow delineation is clearly improved, with fine details no longer crushing into nothingness, yet blacks are not washed out, nor is contrast too harsh. Colors are also excellent, with deep, vivid reds and excellent fleshtones. Image depth is often fabulous as well.

Squadra 49 [1080p] (2004)


The last major extra is the collection of Deleted Scenes, which combined run about 14 minutes. I wasn't a big fan of these, especially a rather unnecessary scene based on an actual 9/11 tragedy (they were wise to cut it from the finished film). The quality of the scenes are rather good, as are the rest of the video-based supplements -- all presented in full 1080p video. Kudos, Disney. 041b061a72


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