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Glantri Kingdom Of Magic Pdf 19 High Quality

The second of the S-series after S1: Tomb of Horrors, the adventure tasks PCs to enter the volcano dungeon of the long-thought-dead wizard Keraptis, who has stolen three powerful magic weapons and left a taunting note behind at each theft!

Glantri Kingdom Of Magic Pdf 19

The cataclysm was sparked by an evil god of the dead called Dierguth, who became enraged when the dwarves discovered a magical rock called riegold that can protect living creatures from the energy-draining powers of the undead. Dierguth caused the eruption, and then sent his five Lich Lords into the ruins to build a land of the dead and create a massive army to conquer the living. Their leader is a powerful lich named Nightbay, who has a gross habit of flicking his tongue over his exposed teeth.

In Red Steel, much of the wilderness has been covered with a magical red dust, called vermeil. This dust, when ingested, can give people magical powers, called Legacies. Basically, this means that everyone on the Savage Coast has at least one superpower!


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