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CES 2019 Best Of: What To Watch For After The Dust Settled [PATCHED]

As we reported last month, the Leaf E-Plus was supposed to debut around the time of the LA Auto Show, but Nissan decided to delay the unveiling until after dust had settled over the arrest of the company's former chairman Carlos Ghosn. CES looms on the horizon, the news cycle has cooled on Ghosn's arrest, so it seems the Leaf E-Plus is ripe for a debut at the biggest show in tech.

CES 2019 Best Of: What to Watch For After the Dust Settled

CES 2019 was the battle of the bezels. Every company arrived armed with a troop of laptops that have maximum screen packed into minimum footprint. But when the dust settled, there was a winner: The Asus ZenBook S13.

The tech frenzy in Las Vegas may have finally died down, but the CES dust has far from settled. There are more than a few products and prototypes that can be unpacked beyond our 35 best designs for CES this year. Despite the wide range of consumer electronics and technologies showcased, all of them have the common goal of improving human lives as well as helping our planet heal. That can be as grand as four-seater flying cars that will take commuting to new heights, literally, or something as simple yet as effective as making it easier to use our gadgets today. That kind of meaningful improvement is what MOFT is offering Apple fans with a new set of accessories designed to take their iPad and iPhone use to the next level, almost literally as well. 350c69d7ab


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