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[S6E7] Pretty Mess

Darla is hurt. She is furious, and she has every right to be. But when Ralph Angel echoed that he had a right to her feelings, I wanted to smack him. No kidding, she's got the right. I'm sure he thought he was being supportive, but it came across as condescending, and from Darla's eye-roll, I'm pretty sure she felt the same.

[S6E7] Pretty Mess

It sounded like Ralph Angel somehow blamed Charley and Violet for this mess. Charley because she'd point out the obvious, that they couldn't prove the Landrys poisoned the crop, and that she'd generously use her money to make sure they wouldn't lose the farm.

Bronn was a pretty major character last season, but this is the first time he's popped up in a big way this season, and it's to help Jaime retake Riverrun from the Blackfish. (In case you'd forgotten, the show quickly reminds you that the Lannisters are allies with, ugh, the Freys.) Bronn shows up to issue playground taunts, laugh about Jaime's lack of two hands, and just generally be Bronn. Did you miss him?

What will probably come to pass is that Arya will realize the House of Black and White needs to go, or she'll simply cut and run for either Westeros or somewhere Dany-adjacent (either could happen). Either way, I found it pretty hard to swallow that she would simply stop watching her back after she booked that ship. And it nearly ended up getting her killed.

But when you think about it, both are backed into a corner. Euron is presumably on their tail (if not hot on their tail), and it doesn't seem terribly likely Dany will make "retaking the Iron Islands" number one on her priority list, no matter how many ships the Greyjoys can provide. Add to that the fact that Theon is a mess from his crippling post-traumatic stress disorder, and the two feel like they're running right ahead of a buzz saw that's coming to destroy them.

A weird subculture called #cleganebowl has sprung up around this theory, with videos made, catchphrases and lots of online messageboards, and the whole thing is very entertaining. However, this week's episode MIGHT not have confirmed cleganebowl as much as some would like...

Five of the seven wives from season four returned for the fifth installment.[19]Shortly after season five, it was announced that both Kim Richards and Brandi Glanville would not be returning as full-time cast member in season six.[22] Glanville announced on her podcast, Brandi Glanville Unfiltered, that after much consideration she would be leaving the series as a full-time cast member to focus on her businesses. Glanville went on to describe her four years on the show as a roller coaster and complimented the series.[23] Glanville continued to participate in season six as a guest star[24] and went on to have a prerecorded video-message shown during the reunion. The video wasn't received well however host and Executive Producer, Andy Cohen defended the decision saying, "She was on tape for a minute-and-a-half or two minutes, they could respond or not respond, they all got the last word. Brandi didn't have the last word. So, you know, I feel fine about it."[25]Shortly after season five concluded it was reported that Kim had been let go from the series[26]following an arrest at the Beverly Hills Hotel for three misdemeanors; resisting arrest, public intoxication and battery on an officer. Kim later appeared on a Dr. Phil special discussing her relapse and recent drunken arrest admitting that she drank while the series was airing and prior to the reunion. Her son revealed that she also takes pills and smokes pot.[27][28][29] Following Kim's incidents, she entered rehab and got back on track with her sobriety[30] but the following month she was arrested again, this time for shoplifting at Target[31][32][33] and was sentenced with 36 months of probation, 300 hours of community service and 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings.[34] News of Kim's shoplifting arrest was addressed during the season. Kim appeared on season six throughout the season and attended the reunion.[35][36]

Audrey Tindall (Sarah Paulson) has so far been right about the real Shelby (Lily Rabe) being largely "fiery and pathetic", but that was before she went insane and took a pipe to her husband Matt (André Holland); leaving behind a mess of face pulp and regret after discovering that the real reason he'd returned to the Roanoke house was to be with Scathach.

So, that's Sydney, Matt, and Agnes as the main victims of this week's shenanigans; yet, things are looking pretty shady for Audrey, Lee, and Monet (Angela Bassett) too. Navigating the woods under the Blood Moon while on the search for medical care for Shelby after she's struck in the back by Agnes' knife (Shelby's got a whole bunch of problems this week), they've been kidnapped by the real Polk family.

Now, Murphy has stated that Wittrock's character is the "most f*cked up character of all time". That's some pretty big talk. I'm not even sure how you could top Dandy Mott as the most f*cked up Finn Wittrock character of all time, considering he did kill his own mother and attach an Avon Lady's head to her so he could have his very own Siamese twin corpse puppet.

Also teased were both the "real" iterations of Scathach and Edward Phillippe Mott, seen so briefly it's actually pretty much impossible to tell who's actually playing them. I'd be inclined to think that Taissa Farmiga is playing Scathach and Matt Bomer is playing Mott, since they're the remaining promised cast members yet to turn up and that Mott ghost is clearly rocking a jawline for days.

Like Cersei, dear ole Petyr Baelish probably feels like he has nothing to lose now, with Catelyn long since dead and her daughter apparently spurning his advances after he got her into that horrific mess with Ramsay. But he still has one huge ambition -- to rule Westeros. After that face he made at Sansa in the season 6 finale, it would likely surprise exactly no one if he marched the Knights of the Vale south and attempted to form a union with Cersei. And she'll need the help with Daenerys knocking at her door.

Rec time gets a little out of hand in this episode of Orange Is The New Black when Badison is cut with a knife (the withdrawals within D Block are very real), but as she goes down, she hands off the contraband cell phone to Alex. I really need Alex to stay out of this mess and not get extra time added on, thanks.

After Joanne hijacks an elderly person's car, Mordecai, Rigby, and CJ begin pursuit in CJ's car. Rigby brings Joanne's TV along, saying that if she's going to mess with Eileen's flat-screen, they're going to mess with hers. Unfortunately, Joanne is successfully able to evade them and they crash after Joanne throws the elderly man's dentures at them. The three then see Joanne on a bridge, prepared to throw the flat-screen off the edge.

Placing Joanne's TV down on the ledge beside him, Rigby tries to reason with Joanne saying that it was wrong to touch her TV, again surprising Mordecai and CJ. Despite being moved by Rigby's speech, she still decides to throw the flat-screen down, making Mordecai and CJ SCREAM in horror. Acting quickly, Rigby grabs his whip, and he successfully latches onto the TV just before it hits the bottom. Mordecai and CJ are pretty impressed by his whipping skills. When Joanne requests her TV back, a gust of wind blows it off the edge, destroying the TV once it hits the bottom.

At the hospital, Joey is helping Harold out. Harold has recovered enough that he is now able to walk, although his legs are still pretty weak so he has to use a cane. As they're walking, a local schoolteacher and two of her kindergarten students approach Harold with a poster they made of him in front of a San Francisco skyline. Harold gets nitpicky about it, and thoroughly criticizes the two kids for all their inaccuracies (like not putting suspension cables on the Golden Gate Bridge, and also joking about how disproportionately sized his head is compared to the rest of his body). The schoolteacher, witnessing these remarks, expresses disgust that Harold was elected to the school board. While Harold marking up the poster with a Sharpie, Joey's cell phone rings. It's a doctor for their uncle Ronnie in Reno, calling to inform him that their uncle is dying and only has a few days left to live. Joey hangs up, and when Harold asks about the call, Joey lies and says that it was a candy bar company executive who is interested in featuring Harold in their next commercial.

The suspects or should I say possible love interests to Kevin Pearson are Sophie, the wedding singer, and Cassidy. This is pretty easy for anyone with a brain to know that Cassidy is out from like day one or the last time he was trying to be romantic with her. Remember when she looked at him and said that he was a serial dater and that she has her own mess to deal with. She is a great friend to him and that is it.

The kids have a pretty loose grasp of story structure, the city of London, and what is and isn't romantic in a movie, but their bizarre takes on the story (which include references to "Speed" and "Sharknado," among other classics) manage to lighten the mood and ensure that Valentine's Day isn't ruined after all. Not an especially romantic episode, but a realistic look at the toll day-to-day stresses can take on a relationship, and a lesson in not letting the little things build up into bigger resentments. Also, the healing power of fanfiction.

Recognizing the error of her ways, Tina works to make things up to Darryl and convince Rosa to give him another chance. She realizes that she let her fantasies get the best of her, prioritizing the idealized version of Darryl in her head instead of the actual person with wants and needs. It's a lesson in helping others, being honest instead of playing rom com-inspired games, and the understanding that in real life, there are no leagues, just people, being messy and doing their best.

This Season 6 episode sees the reunion of Wagstaff School's most dramatic song-and-dance duo: Gene and Courtney. The two set their previous messy history of lies, betrayal, and heartbreak aside for a shot at school-wide fame when they get the chance to host the daily morning announcements. Whatever chemistry Gene and Courtney lacked as a couple, they have as a creative team, and the more they work together, the more they find themselves becoming more than cohosts. However, mixing love with show biz proves to be a disaster, and their show takes a sharp decline in quality when the two begin dating again. They are forced to admit that they can either be a couple or do the show, but not both. Gene struggles with the heartache, but makes peace with it by writing a song about his feelings and singing it live on the air, moving the school with his lyrics: "But still be glad, еven if you're sad. Take comfort just in knowing, you'll be okay, it's Valentine's Day. Your heart's not broken, it's only growing." 041b061a72


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