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On the surface, the E-flite Fw 190 1.5m is a nice-looking replica of the famous Luftwaffe fighter. A slightly deeper look reveals built-in equipment that provides powerful flight performance, stabilization features, and many options for real-time data. All of those elements combine to create a warbird that can be appreciated and enjoyed by a wide range of modelers.


5th level Monks get an Extra Attack, adding up to 3 attacks total or 4 attacks when you use Flurry of Blows. Speaking of attacks your Martial Arts die increases to a d6 at this level. But most notably you get Stunning Strike to start up some combos: when you hit a target with a melee weapon you can spend 1 ki point to force a Constitution saving throw or stun the target until the end of your next turn. Keep your enemies in hit stun and get that Ultra Combo! 041b061a72


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