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Karen Dalton Something On Your Mind 1971

EconPapers FAQ Archive maintainers FAQ Cookies at EconPapers The RePEc blog The RePEc plagiarism page Business Horizons1958 - 2023Current editor(s): C. M. DaltonFrom ElsevierBibliographic data for series maintained by Catherine Liu (Obfuscate( '', 'repec' )).Access Statistics for this journal.Track citations for all items by RSS feedIs something missing from the series or not right? See the RePEc data check for the archive and series.Volume 37, issue 5, 1994 Is business ethics an oxymoron? pp. 1-8 John W. Collins Sleeping with the enemy: Doing business with a competitor pp. 9-15 Barbara A. Carlin, Michael J. Dowling, William D. Roering, John Wyman, John Kalinoglou and Greg Clyburn Teams and TQM pp. 16-25 Alan B. Cheney, Henry Sims and Charles C. Manz Gagging on chaos pp. 26-36 Christopher K. Bart Vision: How leaders develop it, share it, and sustain it pp. 37-41 Joseph V. Quigley The myth of the forever leader: Organizational recovery from broken leadership pp. 42-50 Katherine Farquhar Flextime: Myth or reality? pp. 51-55 Karen S. Kush and Linda K. Stroh Measuring global practices: Global strategic planning through company situational analysis pp. 56-63 Robert N. Lussier, Robert W. Baeder and Joel Corman The six shopping worlds of baby boomers pp. 64-69 William R. Swinyard and Heikki J. Rinne Evaluating the performance of venture capital investments pp. 70-75 W. Keith Schilit Focusing the factory: Eight lessons pp. 76-81 Roger G. Schroeder and Michael J. PeschVolume 37, issue 4, 1994 The disconnect between scientists and corporations pp. 1-4 Harry Gaines Strategic alliances and joint ventures: Making them work pp. 5-10 Bruce A. Walters, Steve Peters and Gregory G. Dess Lessons learned from selfmanaged work teams pp. 11-18 Dale E. Yeatts, Martha Hipskind and Debra Barnes Reforming the traditional organization: The mandate for developing networks pp. 19-28 David W. Cravens, Shannon H. Shipp and Karen S. Cravens The myth of full disclosure: A look at organizational communications during crises pp. 29-39 Jeffrey B. Kaufmann, Idalene F. Kesner and Thomas Lee Hazen Overcoming the BOHICA effect pp. 40-42 Dick Dunsing and Ken Matejka The power of flexibility pp. 43-46 D. Keith Denton Focus: Value pp. 47-50 John L. Escover Whose empire is this, anyway? Reflections on the empire state of multinational corporations pp. 51-54 Chi-fai Chan and Neil B. Holbert MBA programs and business needs: Is there a mismatch? pp. 55-60 Clifford J. Elliott, Jack S. Goodwin and James C. Goodwin Business faculty perspectives on ethics: A national survey pp. 61-67 Susan G. Rozenshe and P. Everett Fergenson A marketer's guide to Clausewitz: Lessons for winning market share pp. 68-73 Bill Parks, Steven W. Pharr and Bradley D. Lockeman Quality lessons from America's Baldrige winners pp. 74-79 Richard M. Hodgetts "Slash and burn" doesn't kill weeds: Other ways to downsize the manufacturing organization pp. 80-87 Roger Schmenner and Charles LackeyVolume 37, issue 3, 1994 Summing up pp. 1-26 Harvey C. Bunke Career strategies for the 1990s manager pp. 27-31 Walter F. McCanna, Robert F. Pearse and Donald A. Zrebiec The making of multimillion-dollar executives pp. 32-39 Arch Patton A dozen enduring myths about management pp. 40-43 Ira E. Smolowitz Espoused action: It's a matter of consistency pp. 44-51 Joseph A. Raelin ISO9000: The new strategic consideration pp. 52-60 H. Michael Hayes The case against job satisfaction pp. 61-68 Glenn Bassett Successful promotions and the bucket of ashes pp. 69-70 Peter Meyer The management termination trap pp. 71-79 Clinton O. Longenecker and Frederick R. Pos Focus on books pp. 87-88 Robert M. TomaskoVolume 37, issue 2, 1994 The anti-capitalist mentality of Clintonomics pp. 1-6 Ralph R. Reiland and Sarah J. McCarthy Is Saturn competitive? pp. 7-15 Robert R. Rehder Moving mountains to market: Reflections on restructuring the Russian economy pp. 16-21 Terry Clark Market orientation, customer value, and superior performance pp. 22-28 Stanley F. Slater and John C. Narver Why empowerment doesn't empower: The bankruptcy of current paradigms pp. 29-41 James A. Belasco and Ralph C. Stayer Sun Tzu's strategic thinking and contemporary business pp. 42-48 Min Chen How to increase employee loyalty while you downsize pp. 49-57 James R. Emshoff Karoshi: Alternative perspectives of Japanese management styles pp. 58-60 William S. Brown, Rebecca E. Lubove and James Kwalwasser The electrovisual manager: Media and American corporate management pp. 61-67 Eugene Marlow The high cost of motoring in Singapore pp. 68-74 Rex S. Toh Ergonomic improvements in the office environment pp. 75-79 Kathy Franchi and Robert Fleck Creativity and play: A systematic approach to managing innovation pp. 80-85 Joseph V. Andersen New member of the family? pp. 86-89 J. H. FoegenVolume 36, issue 6, 1993 Organizational survival means embracing change pp. 1-4 W. Harvey Hegarty Global strategic management in a new world order pp. 5-10 William E. Halal Preparing for the hybrid economy: The new world of public-private partnerships pp. 11-15 Ernest Sternberg Future problem solving in the year 2000--Challenges and opportunities for business pp. 16-22 James Alvino Global telecommunications and export of services: The promise and the risk pp. 23-29 Vary T. Coates, Todd M. La Porte and Mark G. Young The nature of work in the twenty-first century: Certain uncertainties pp. 30-34 Arthur B. Shostak Franchising into the twenty-first century pp. 35-43 Richard C. Hoffman and John F. Preble The post-information age: New horizons for business and education pp. 44-49 Jerome C. Glenn Interface design issues in the future of business training pp. 50-54 Elizabeth Boling and Gerald A. Sousa Congress and the year 2000: Peering into the demographic future pp. 55-63 Peter A. Morrison The American labor movement in the year 2000 pp. 64-69 Charles B. Craver The future of urban environments: Implications for the business community pp. 70-74 Gary GappertVolume 36, issue 5, 1993 Bridging the chasm pp. 1-2 Robert W. Cole Schooling, business, and the new American dream pp. 3-8 Phillip C. Schlechty Old lies, new truths: Demographic realities and economic consequences facing America pp. 9-12 Ronald T. Crouch Accountability, testing, and schools: Toward local responsibility and away from change by mandate pp. 13-23 Grant Wiggins Business partnerships with families pp. 24-28 Dorothy Rich Sowing the seeds of change: The role of business in education pp. 29-32 Charles E. Becker Dreaming of the show: Rating major-league high schools pp. 33-38 Bob Nolte The spider's web: Influences on school performance pp. 39-48 Sandra A. Waddock A day care consortium in Cedar Rapids, Iowa pp. 49-51 Tom Ecker Kids are everybody's business in Hammond, Indiana pp. 52-56 Thomas C. Knarr and Kay Dell Knarr Partners at Lake Washington pp. 57-59 Ron Barnes and Karen Bates Real world partnerships in Tupelo, Mississippi pp. 60-63 Bruce Daniels Open communication pp. 64-69 D. Keith Denton Team building: Answering the tough questions pp. 70-78 Charles R. Stoner and Richard I. Hartman Deming versus traditional management theorists on goal setting: Can both be right? pp. 79-84 Paula Phillips Carson and Kerry D. Carson Focus on books pp. 85-86 David T. Kearns and David A. Nadler Technology and work in Germany pp. 86-87 Norbert Altmann and Pamela Meil The unbounded mind: Breaking the chains of traditional business thinking pp. 88-89 Ian I. Mitroff and Harold A. Linstone The race without a finish line: America's quest for total quality pp. 89-90 Warren H. Schmidt and Jerome P. Finnigan Reengineering the corporation: A manifesto for business revolution pp. 90-91 Michael Hammer and James ChampyVolume 36, issue 4, 1993 Behind the curve pp. 1-4 D. Keith Denton AIDS in the workplace: The pandemic firms want to ignore pp. 5-9 Rose Knotts and J. Lynn Johnson Growth industries: Another look pp. 10-15 Claire Starry and Nick McGaughey The emerging approach to business strategy: Building a relationship advantage pp. 16-27 Robert J. Berling Breakthroughs in corporate nurturing strategies pp. 28-33 David Braun and Thomas Bertsch After the layoff: Closing the barn door before all the horses are gone pp. 34-40 Robert C. Ford and Pamela L. Perrewe The isolation of upper management pp. 41-47 A. Richard Krachenberg, Thomas F. Lyons and John Henke A miss manners guide to doing business in Europe pp. 48-53 John S. Hill and Ronald E. Dulek Managers' views on potential investment opportunities pp. 54-58 Mark McCarthy, Martha Pointer, David Ricks and Robert Rolfe The provocative practice of price signaling: Collusion versus cooperation pp. 59-65 Larry L. Miller, Steven P. Schnaars and Valerie L. Vaccaro The ethics of sales: Finding an appropriate balance pp. 66-69 Ralph W. Clark and Alice Darnell Lattal Politics at work: Sharpening the focus of political behavior in organizations pp. 70-74 K. Michele Kacmar and Gerald R. Ferris What ever happened to supervisory training? pp. 75-78 Woodruff ImbermanVolume 36, issue 3, 1993 We've had enough business ethics pp. 1-3 Art Wolfe The delta force approach to balancing long-run performance pp. 4-10 Ricardo Ernst and Douglas N. Ross How to stop talking about, and begin progress toward, total quality management pp. 11-14 Peter Mears Quality confusion: Too many gurus, not enough disciples pp. 15-18 Sangit Chatterjee and Mustafa Yilmaz Planning deming management for service organizations pp. 19-29 Thomas F. Rienzo The mandated benefit mirage pp. 30-39 Richard B. McKenzie "Buy american": economic concept or political slogan? pp. 40-46 Michael G. Harvey Forced withdrawal from a country market: Managing political risk pp. 47-54 Syed H. Akhter and Yusuf A. Choudhry Rate of return- the poison apple? pp. 55-58 Bill Parks Key ingredients for successful implementation of just-in-time: a system for all business sizes pp. 59-65 Marvin W. Tucker and David A. Davis A quick guide to total quality management pp. 66-68 Sumer Aggarwal Cross-Cultural Communication for Managers pp. 69-78 Mary Munter Entrepreneurial Spirit pp. 79-84 D. Keith Denton Theory and practice: Their roles, relationship, and limitations in advanced management education pp. 85-89 Joseph A. RaelinVolume 36, issue 2, 1993 The (R)evolution of the American woman pp. 1-5 Catherine M. Daily Cracks in the glass: The silent competence of women pp. 6-11 Dan R. Dalton and Idalene F. Kesner Attitudes toward women as managers: Still the same pp. 12-16 Crystal L. Owen and William D. Todor Managing conflict over the perceived progress of working women pp. 17-22 B. Kay Snavely Sex stereotyping in the workplace: A manager's guide pp. 23-29 Eileen P. Kelly, Amy Oakes Young and Lawrence S. Clark Benefiting from nonsexist language in the workplace pp. 30-34 Bill Daily and Miriam Finch The wounded feminine: From organizational abuse to personal healing pp. 35-41 Cindy P. Lindsay and Janis M. Pasquali Women mentoring women: Creating conditions for connection pp. 42-51 Victoria A. Parker and Kathy E. Kram Harassment in the 1990s pp. 52-58 Terry Morehead Dworkin Female entrepreneurs: How far have they come? pp. 59-65 E. Holly Buttner Women on the move in family business pp. 66-70 Patricia A. Frishkoff and Bonnie M. Brown Dangerous liaisons: The "feminine-in-management" meets "globalization" pp. 71-81 Marta B. Calas and Linda Smircich American female expatriates and the civil rights act of 1991: Balancing legal and business interests pp. 82-86 Patricia Feltes, Robert K. Robinson and Ross L. Fink The new GE: How Jack Welch revived an American institution pp. 87-88 Henry H. BeamVolume 36, issue 1, 1993 From the editor pp. 3-4 Harvey C. Bunke The lesson from Europe pp. 5-9 Douglas L. Heerema Process expertise--A critical managing fundamental pp. 10-15 William J. Altier Executive behavior: Classical and existential pp. 16-26 Joe Kelly Crisis management lessons: When push shoved Nike pp. 27-35 Janice E. Jackson and William T. Schantz Thinking and managing beyond the boundaries pp. 36-40 T. Quinn Spitzer and Benjamin Tregoe Mind mapping: A tool for creative thinking pp. 41-46 Joseph V. Anderson America's global companies: A leadership profile pp. 47-53 G.R. Bassiry and R. Hrair Dekmejian Communicating to a diverse Europe pp. 54-56 James E. McLauchlin Assessment of shifting global competitiveness: Patent applications and grants in four major trading countries pp. 57-64 Masaaki Kotabe and Eli P. Cox MBAs: A recruiter's-eye view pp. 65-71 Kimberly F. Kane The light at the end of the HRM tunnel: Window of opportunity or an oncoming train? pp. 72-76 L. McTier Anderson and James Fenton Filling the gaps: Challenges for today and tomorrow pp. 77-79 J.H. Foegen 198 pp.Alan Bryman, Charisma and Leadership in Organizations, Sage Publications (1992) pp. 80-81 Joseph C. 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Karen Dalton Something On Your Mind 1971



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