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Unmechanical: Extended is an extended version of Unmechanical and it is the first release of the game for the console platforms. The main gameplay is identical to the original game. The player controls a small robot in a 2.5D side-scrolling environment and needs to complete environment based puzzles to progress. This Extended version of the game was created by a new developer and adds an Extended story mode to the game with new levels, along with additional story elements and puzzles, next to the levels of the original version.

Unmechanical Extended PSN


Unmechanical Extended is a puzzle adventure about a lovable robot in a dystopian future. The developers released the game back in 2012, but now it has returned in this extended edition, tidied up for the current generation of consoles and with some new content. The main game makes its comeback alongside an additional episode that includes new puzzles and environments. During which we take control of the flying robot, who having been taken to an underground facility, must henceforth make his way through the system.

The biggest criticism we can think of is a lack of replay value and the relatively short length of the game. Once completed you will find little incentive to manoeuvre once again through the labyrinthine corridors, although the new extended episode does add some value. This seemingly minor blemish is the only mark against what is actually a well-assembled product. Anyone who is okay with that kind of brevity, and those who like the unconventional approach on show, will enjoy the game and its protagonist; the little pile of scrap who flies quietly into the player's heart. 041b061a72


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