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Path Of Ra

In Path of Ra, you accompany the soul of a Pharaoh reincarnated as a hieroglyph on the murals of his tomb. Move the slabs and create a path for him to reach the exit. Relive his story and discover the circumstances of his death through sumptuous hand-crafted cinematics.

Path of Ra

In Path of Ra, players can look forward to journeying into Ancient Egypt where players have to rotate tiles in order to forge their way. As players uncover these paths, they, in turn, are able to collect the pieces of the pharaoh's heart and unlock his story.

This program offers the flexibility of developing custom template spreadsheets and libraries while eliminating the common problems associated with modifying Excel spreadsheets. This program works best for designers who would like to build up an RF component library, and analyze several RF paths using a common database of library parts.

Spreadsheet programs are commonly used to perform RF signal path analysis, RF cascade analysis, or RF budget analysis. These spreadsheets offer the flexibility to create customized programs to predict performance of the entire RF path.

Once a template spreadsheet has been created with the desired equations and calculations, the spreadsheet is set up to model a particular RF path by adding values of RF components. This can be very time consuming and error prone. Common errors may include typing incorrect component information or accidentally typing over formulas in the spreadsheet. It is also possible to overlook errors in the formulas caused by adding or removing rows.

If you need to model many RF paths within a system that use the same RF components, you would create many RF spreadsheets for each RF path. The sources of error above are multiplied by the number of RF paths you need to create.

toppra can produce the time-optimal path parameterization\(s_dot (s)\), from which the fastest trajectory q(t) thatsatisfies the given constraints can be found. The basic usage is verysimple. Setting up a parametrization instance: 041b061a72


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