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Mugen Marvel vs Capcom 2: The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Playing the Fan-Made Mod

the marvel super heroes vs. street fighter ii you know and love returns, with a whole new cast of characters, some who may seem familiar to you even if you're a newcomer, but a lot of new moves and gameplay concepts to discover! still, the game is primarily still devoted to the return and update of the vs. series.

download mugen marvel vs capcom 2

the gameplay now isn't just movement based. it's tagbased and has a new focus. instead of players dancing their way through the game, which works for certain characters, you'll have to use the control stick to attack, dodge and block. duo dash, burst cancel, and auto-target special attacks work differently from previous games. the screen will flash when certain characters' special moves are used.

two years after the battle against onslaught, peace in the planet earth was restored until a mysterious entity named abyss shrouded the atmosphere with his dark energy. it was consumed within a sphere that the being was holding close to him; with his immense strength, it blew passed a desert and the plant life was also ruined. a pirate known as ruby heart discovered the energy and warned the heroes and villains from the two camps who were fighting amongst themselves. together, they must stop this new nemesis before the earth and the universe is destroyed by abyss' terrible power. in the end of the battle, the heroes and villains make a truce while taking a joy cruise on ruby heart's ship flying through the skies of the earth; she holds the orb in her hand then casts it into the sea, thus seeing the last of abyss and closing the rivalry between marvel and capcom.


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