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Real Live Cam Alma And Stefan ##VERIFIED##

Spielberg met actress Amy Irving in 1976 when she auditioned for Close Encounters of the Third Kind. After meeting her, Spielberg told his co-producer Julia Phillips, "I met a real heartbreaker last night."[339] Although she was too young for the role, she and Spielberg began dating and she eventually moved into what she described as his "bachelor funky" house.[340] They broke up in 1979.[102] In 1984, they renewed their romance and married in November 1985. Their son, Max, had been born on June 13 of that year.[341] In 1989, the couple divorced; they agreed to live near each other to share custody of their son.[130] Their divorce settlement is one of the most expensive in history.[342][102]

Real Live Cam Alma And Stefan


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