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[S1E7] Loyalty

Tariq has to know no matter how close he gets to Diana and how much he gains Monet's loyalty, he's not blood, and they will choose Cane over him. But this situation will come to a head sooner than later, and it's hard to see a scenario where Cane and Tariq are ever on the same side again.

[S1E7] Loyalty

Jimmy McGill and Mike Ehrmantraut return Abbasi's notebook,[a] claiming they found it in the police station parking lot. Despite Abbasi's accusations, Sanders privately assures Mike he has little to fear. Jimmy finds Chuck McGill standing outside his home, claiming to be building up a tolerance to electromagnetism. He stores case files at Chuck's house, hoping to rekindle Chuck's interest in the law. He later brings Kim Wexler to an office suite he is considering renting and asks her to be his partner. She turns him down because of loyalty to Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill.

TV Goodness spoke to Joseph Sikora about the "Loyalty" episode, including Tommy's loyalty to Ghost, his not being a fan of the whole Ghost and Angela relationship and his character's girl Holly. He also explained why Tommy does what he does.

TV Goodness spoke to Joseph Sikora about the "Loyalty"episode, including Tommy's loyalty to Ghost, his not being a fan ofthe whole Ghost and Angela relationship and his character's girlHolly. He also explained why Tommy does what he does.

"Tommy is pushing boundaries now because, like I said,he's a hard worker. He has certain rules of the game of the streetsthat he has always lived by. Tommy's that enforcer. He says,'This is what you signed up for and now you have to pay forit.' Because Ghost has been not stepping up in some ways,Tommy's pushing those boundaries of, 'Maybe I can get all ofthis done myself,'" Sikora( -preview-loyalty-exclusive-interview-and-photos-video/) told TV Goodness.

Pym continues to patch up the Vikings and tries to convince them to turn their attention away from Cumber to the Red Paladin instead. It seems to work too and they begin plundering the Paladin camps. Having proven her loyalty, Pym is then tasked with heading out with Dof and the others on one of their raids. Unfortunately things quickly go awry and Pym finds herself surrounded by bloodshed and wounded.

  • Tropes Bait-and-Switch: For a moment, it looked as though Camille would side with Naja, after pointing out that Dai Shi doesn't appreciate him.

  • Death Is Cheap: Naja has this power, using his Life Talons to revive Rantipede and Ghekko. However, he only has a finite amount.

  • The Starscream: Naja grows disillusioned with Dai Shi's leadership and plots a coup to depose him.

  • Villain Episode: Although the heroes are present in the story, the plot is really about Camille and her tested loyalty to Dai Shi.

  • Worf Effect: Dai Shi easily defeating Rantipede and Ghekko shows how superior he is to his subordinates and the rangers at this point in the story.

Walking down one of the castle's infinite dark corridors, Chamberlain gently suggests to Lady Love that she might be a suitor to the recently widowed Baron Pryce, to strengthen the ties of their castles. "An opportunity for Ventrishire and Pryceshire to unite in the execution of justice," says Corbett. They walk in on Toran and Brattle torturing the bejeesus out of out the accused man. But Lady Love, in her delicacy, has difficulty understanding the loyalty of the accused. She doesn't see how he would not sell out his accomplices but he would his leader the Wolf, who also happens to be Lady Love's brother. It doesn't matter though, and Brattle explains to her that men like this poor torture victim lie because the truth is often worse for their fate than the lie itself. She looks on, feeling patronized.

This tale of loyalty and friendship continues to be sung the world over on record, as well as around campfires. When Pete Seeger learned it, sang it with the Weavers, and then taught it to the world, the songwriter, Tom Paxton became known everywhere.

The high-stakes Union Election gives Kiera her first taste of contemporary political intrigue. But issues of trust and loyalty come up for Kiera as evidence points to Carlos in the death of an investigative reporter. Kiera will learn firsthand the lengths a person will go to get elected.

In Tulsa, Goodie breaks the news of Pete's so-called heart attack, and it's as if half of Dwight's life has gone with the boss. Pete's death marks the end of Dwight's loyalty to the Invernizzi family, and the beginning of a new internecine war. 041b061a72


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