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Youtube Video Dislike Bot Download: The Pros and Cons of Using One

Mangled voice commands hidden in YouTube videos can be used as a manner in which to insert the malicious code. Devices that execute voice commands can pick up on these mangled commands and execute them. The mangled command typically works by instructing the device to download and install malware. The victim of this type of attack may have all of his or her data that is kept on the device compromised.

Youtube Video Dislike Bot Download


In November 2021, YouTube started to retire the dislike count on videos. If you still want to view the YouTube dislike counts, here are 3 methods that you can use to bring back YouTube disklike counts.

Luckily, someone has made one to view YouTube stats including dislikes. You can run it from the YouTube app or Safari share sheet. Alternatively, you can copy the YouTube video URL to run this shortcut.

Usually, I will check the dislike count to decide if the video is worth watching. If you are like me, you can use any of these methods to view YouTube dislike counts. For me, I prefer using the Tampermonkey script method. Luckily, it is also possible to use Tampermonkey scripts on Android or iOS.

In this guide, we will show you various methods to fix the issue of YouTube video links/URL redirecting to Your browser is up to date page instead of the actual video. This streaming service from the Silicon Valley giants hardly needs an introduction or two of any sort. In the past few months, it has been mostly in the news for its questionable decision of removing the dislike counter. While the dust surrounding that was yet to settle, there has been another unwanted entry to its list of bugs and issues.


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