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Where To Buy Colorker Tile

Founded in 1987 by a group of like-minded industry entrepreneurs, Colorker Ceramica has grown in leaps and bounds and now stands as one of the largest Spanish tile manufacturers in the world. However, the company has still managed to streamline its manufacturing process with all of its tiles coming from a single plant in Alcora, Castellon, Spain. From this location, its products are shipped all over the world. We also sell a rich selection of Colorker Ceramica tiles in Norwood.

where to buy colorker tile


With an uncompromising commitment towards innovation as part of its strategy to ensure the highest possible standards with their products, Colorker Ceramica invests heavily in R&D as part of its yearly budget. Visit our tile showroom in Norwood, MA for the most inspired Colorker Ceramica tiles.

Colorker Ceramica is a Spanish tile company that has come a long way since 1987 when it was founded by a group of industry entrepreneurs that shared a common goal. The company has since evolved and expanded its vision and has now become Colorker Group.

These marble effect Crema Marfil wall and floor tiles are a discontinued product from the Spanish Colorker factory with limited stock availability. Available while stocks last. We highly recommend ordering the quantity required, plus a minimum of an additional 10% extra for fitting wastage and spares.

Colorker was founded in 1987 through the collective investment of four visionary Spanish tile entrepreneurs. They sought to create a brand that would stand the test of time in the tile manufacturing and interior design.

Based in Alcora, a region already known for a dense agglomeration of tile companies, Colorker has distinguished itself through its equal emphasis on tile products and interior design services. Are you looking for Spanish tile in Queens, NY? You can buy Colorker in Queens, NY, at our store.

A team of ceramic industry entrepreneurs set out in 1987 to revolutionize tiles, and they certainly succeeded with Colorker. An expansive facility in Castellón, Spain, puts the company at the heart of worldwide ceramics production, and the result is a line of products that is renowned for its natural influences and contemporary designs.

When looking for the identity of the perfect Spanish tile company, the Colorker group perfectly fits the mold. Founded by a group of ceramic industry businessmen, this company had a goal of creating incredible products which were capable of evoking emotions. Are you looking for Colorker in Easton, MA? Browse or online collection or visit our expansive tile showroom in Massachusetts! The company has three pillars in mind as they develop their tile, similar to those we have. The first is inspiration: they are determined to create products that inspire and develop potential for projects. Their second pillar is "cutting edge" which signifies a virtue to look towards the future in both their understanding of the industry and of technology. Lastly, the company values connection, which means listening to the consumers and adjusting their tile collections. To buy Colorker in our tile store in Easton, MA, give us a call today! As for offerings, this brand has plenty! Colorker offers many different styles which include wood, marble, metal, stone, cement, and textile. They also have dozens of different tile collections, which range from Coliseum and Concept, to Century and Code 62. If you like to buy Colerker in our tile store in Massachusetts, look no further and we are sure you will be satisfied!

Experienced store representatives at our tile showroom in Sacramento, CA, can always help you find the tile ideally suited to your personal preferences. We make selecting a tile for your next project easier than ever with our expansive selection! 041b061a72


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