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Children in Library

Our Academics
If you have an inquiring mind, you have a great interest in learning new things.
All this helps children to develop an inquiring attitude to learning.


The Tuition Centre aims to nurture children who require support to reach their academic potential.
The Centre will provide a small class environment where children will benefit from individual attention.
The Centre will follow a CAPS aligned curriculum, providing both remediation and enrichment for specific needs.
The language of instruction is English. Sepedi and or Afrikaans can be chosen as a First Additional Language.

The Centre offers academic support to parents who wish to Home School their child.

The language of instruction is English.

During the foundation phase the key skills of Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing and Comprehension are developed. During the Intermediate Phase the focus will be on more formal language structure and literature studies.

Life Skills

Discovery areas, with a themed approach, encourages inquiry based learning and environmental awareness.

Natural Science and Social Science will be included in the Intermediate Phase.

Fine motor development

Perceptual tasks encouraging the development of fine motor skills are practiced.

Music, dance, drama and art

Activities and the participation in different styles and genres of music, dance, drama and visual art encourage creativity.


Concepts including number development, patterns, space and shape, measurement and data handling are instilled through problem solving and concrete based activities

Physical Education

Gross motor activities, facilitated by a kinderkineticist, promote age specific motor and physical development.

Playball is included in the weekly

Gross-motor programme.

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